Thursday, March 27, 2014

Fried rice without wok ? (Tuna and Sausage Fried Rice)

We just move to a new place. This mini appartment is a all in one type, and everything we need in a house is available there. Name it! Bed, book shelves, wardrobe, mini fridge, bathroom, cooktop, washing basin. 

The problem is its mini size cooking space. A full size wok cannot fit in it. Flat pan is not suitable for cooking fried rice due to it'd low side. So, should I give up cooking fried rice (read: My husband's favourite menu)? No. We still can cook fried rice perfectly with Rice cooker bowl, with the same procedure as my previous fried rice recipe, I managed to cook a decious fried rice. 

Fried Rice in Rice cooker

500 grams cooked rice
1.5 Beef Sousage
2 small can Tuna in oil
1 big red bell pepper
3 stems scallion
4 eggs
2 red onions
5 garlic
Black pepper
Dried chili powder
Tomato ketchup

Serving: 6 portions

Since it tastes too good, we'll suspectedly finish it in 2 meal.
By the way, this is the first time for me, cooking fried rice with tuna and without sweet soy sauce. It tastes unexspectedly nice. I love the taste of fish in my rice :)


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