Thursday, February 21, 2013


Dabu-dabu, a well known term of sambal in my home town, Manado and Ternate. We eat sambal almost for every thing, for fried fish, boiled cassava, fried tofu and tempe, soup (for more hot and spicy taste), fried banana, and many more.

Now I just throw to you the basic ingredients, with no amount. You might freely do experiment with it.

Ingredients and cooking order:
1. Oil (generous, depend on amount of other ingredients)
2. Chopped/sliced shallots
3. Chopped chili (both big or small)
4. Chopped ripe tomatoes
5. Salt
6. Sugar

In certain occasion, I added crashed dried/smoked fish in it to create a unique texture and taste into the sambal. Enjoy!

*CAUTION: combining hot chili into hot oil may create gas that may irritate you eyes and nose. Please keep the kitchen well ventilated.

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