Friday, November 9, 2012

Cooking Steam Rice : Basic

As an Indonesian, steam rice is a compulsory  item in my meal. Some of you maybe cannot imagine how come rice is a must in a meal. Noodle might be treated as dish, and burger set only a brunch or tea time portion. I also cannot explain why. But most of Indonesian, or some Asians will feel that they never took any meal if they don't have rice. Therefore, in my first post I'll briefly write a post how to cook that simple steam rice.

I'm sure if you are sticking to read my post, you are either never steam rice before - this is your first time cooking steam rice or just curious about my writing in this blog *grin*

  1. Rice cooker
  1. Normal Plain Rice   -- 2 cups
  2. Water  -- adjust
  1. Measure 2 cups of rice and pour into rice cooker pot.
  2. Clean the rice grain from unwanted materials, like tiny stones, rice skin, etc.
  3. Rinse rice grains with water twice.
  4. Add clean water to the pot up to the 2 cups marking.
  5. Cook rice until the rice cooker lever move to 'reheat'.
  6. Steam rice is ready for 3 portion.
  1. If you do not have any measuring cup, just use any amount of rice that you need, and pour water in the last step until reach about 2 cm from the rice surface.
  2. Result may be vary due to amount of water and type of rice. You may adjust the soft-hard level of cooked rice according to your preference. Less water for harder texture, and more for softer/more moisture.
  3. If you want to cook brown rice or non-polished rice, please soak the rice grain at least 1 hour before cooking. Left rice to soak overnight will also work. Put more water since these type of rice will absorb more water. Otherwise, using this recipe will result into hard texture of rice.
  4. Do not use glutinous rice (beras ketan in Bahasa Indonesia) , it will end with different result (sticky). In case you are not familiar with how sticky rice looks like, it is whiter than other rice. Normal rice looks a bit translucent compared to glutinous rice.
(feel free to ask if you have any question and I will try to respond as soon as i can)

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